Mighty Miss Malone


By: Christopher Paul Curtis

The Mighty Miss Malone tells the story of twelve-year-old Deza Malone, an African American girl living in deep poverty during the Depression Era. Despite the challenges her family faces during a difficult time in US history, Deza is a happy and driven young woman: she loves to read, is inspired to do well in school, and has a close and loving family. But it’s a tough time, particularly for black men like Deza’s father, who is desperate for work. Hungry for opportunities to support his family, he leaves their home in Gary, Indiana to look for employment. The rest of the Malones leave shortly thereafter, on the hunt for their own opportunities. While separated, they each experience true hardships, but with a positive attitude and a belief that they will reunite in the end, Deza finds her way back to a place of happiness with her family.