Keena Ford & the Second-Grade Mix-Up


By: Melissa Thomson

Meet Keena, a creative and curious girl, with a flair for getting into trouble, despite trying to do the right thing. Keena just started the school-year and she’s already pretended it was her birthday, made her best friend Eric jealous, and snuck into another classroom!

Keena lives in Washington, D.C. with her mom and brother during the week and spends the weekends with her dad in Maryland. Her best friend is Eric and she just started 2nd grade. On the first day of 2nd grade, Keena is sad to learn she and Eric are in separate classes, but her doubt subsides after she meets her new teacher and finds out everyone gets chocolate cake on their birthday! She’s so excited in fact, that she lies and says her birthday is tomorrow. Even though she lied, Keena finds a friend in someone who used to be the enemy, and she has no idea that her new classroom and new friendship are making Eric feel sad and jealous. To hide his true feelings, Eric lies about how great his new class is. Keena wants to see what it’s like in Eric’s classroom, so she sneaks into the room without anyone seeing her— until she gets caught hiding under his teacher’s desk!

Keena learns valuable lessons about telling the truth and thinking about how her actions can make others feel.