Keena Ford & the Field Trip Mix-Up


By: Melissa Thomson

Travel to the Unites States Capital with Keena Ford and her 2nd grade class! Keena is very excited about the trip because she is running for a spot on student council, and on the field trip she’s going to meet a real live U.S. representative.

Unfortunately, once again, while Keena doesn’t mean to get into trouble, she does! Before her field trip, Keena accidentally cuts off one of her braids. She wears a bandana to the Capitol to hide her hair problem, but Tiffany Harris pulls it off and teases her. Luckily, Representative Thomas shows Keena that his hair isn’t perfect either. Keena then accidentally knocks Representative Thomas down the stairs! Luckily, everyone is okay, and Keena learns an important lesson about following the rules and learning from your mistakes.