Camo Girl


By: Kekla Magoon

Camo Girl tells the story of Ella and her best friend Z. Ella and Z have bonded over the ways they feel like outcasts: Ella has a skin condition that causes her to feel that she is ugly, while oddball Z lives in an imaginary world of knights and spies. When Bailey James, a cool new kid, arrives at Ella’s school, he immediately develops a kinship with Ella, as they are the only two black kids.  As Ella is drawn into Bailey James’ popular circle, things change for both Ella and Z. Ella begins to embrace self-love and acceptance, but is burdened by the weight of her sense of responsibility to Z.  Meanwhile Z fearfully retreats further into his imaginary world.  As the connection between Bailey James and Ella deepens, the relationship between Ella and Z gets increasingly complicated. Over time, Ella comes to see that each of the three of them is suffering in similar ways but coping in different ways, and the three find ways to support one another.